Q:           How has your involvement in the Work Experience department here at the SRJC created new learning environments for you?

A:            In this Internship, I have specific objectives to focus on which include learning how the scheduling of staff, reservations desk, restaurant management, sales department, and marketing department because I want to be a Hotel General Manager. In my computer training with the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country Hotel I will be registered as an actual user at my workplace and learn everything the employees learn as well. 


Q:           What have you found the most rewarding part of being an Intern through the Work Experience Department?

A:             Being registered as an actual hotel employee!  I am getting the experience in a major American hotel chain that will offer me a better opportunity abroad (like in Dubai where it is my dream to work) and in my home country.  This experience will help me with other hotel chains, not only the one I am currently working in.


Q:           What have you found the most challenging part of being an Intern through the Work Experience Department?

A:            I am only in each part of the hotel for a short time.  I want to learn so much and want more time to really develop my skills, unfortunately, I do not have more time.


Q:           How has Lauralyn assisted you in getting the most out of your Work Experience participation?

A:            She has done a very good job.  She made the introductions possible.  She assisted with the creation of the Objective and made the recommendation to be specific and she made it easier to get exactly what would help me better my skills.  She was a great consultant on how to present myself professionally.


Q:            What would you like to tell students who are considering enrolling into the Work Experience department as an intern?

A:            This is a very big opportunity.  Study and learn as much as possible in the practical experience.  You are observing with no formal burden as an intern.  The staff respects and teaches you to learn all aspects of the job, so take advantage.     

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