Q:           How has your involvement in the Work Experience department here at the SRJC created new learning environments for you?

A:            The people who work at the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country have created a positive learning environment through coaching.  It is set-up for learning because they understand that errors and mistakes will happen.  They ask if I need or want any additional training.  The supervisors will assist if I have a communication problem with a customer and explain that I am still training and learning and ask them for patience.


Q:           What have you found the most rewarding part of being an Intern through the Work Experience Department?

A:            “The most rewarding part about being an intern, especially in my case, is when I do something by myself and it goes well because I can tell I’m really learning.  Also when I am creating engagement with the customers beyond just checking-in and checking-out.  I feel empowered!”  


Q:           What have you found the most challenging part of being an Intern through the Work Experience Department?

A:            When working the front desk I have a language barrier with the customer and the clients.  They want their service quickly but sometimes I am a little bit slower because English is not my first language.  Talking on the phone can be difficult especially trying to speak in a professional environment.


Q:           How has Lauralyn assisted you in getting the most out of your Work Experience participation?

A:            She was wonderful!  She is always paying attention to emails and always replies in one day. She checks in with me to see how I am feeling in my internship and shows concern.  During her site visit she talked to both me and my supervisor to see how we were feeling and to make sure all is well.  I don’t know how it could be better.


Q:  What would you like to tell students who are considering enrolling into the Work Experience department as an intern?

A:  Do not take the Internship as an internship.  Take it as a real job. Create connections – even for International Students – treat it like a real job.  When you’re looking for an internship, find something you’ll learn in and have a passion in.  Look to your future and make it applicable.” 

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