We’re glad to see that you have shown interest in enrolling in Work Experience! In order to complete your enrollment we need you to submit the mandatory Employment Information Form (EIF)
Note: An EIF must be completed every semester you participate in a Work Experience Course. Please complete as soon as possible so an Instructor can be assigned to you.



  • Click the link above, and sign in using your Student ID

  • Click on “Tree View” to find businesses who have previously had Work Experience students, and choose the employer for whom you will be working.

    • If your employer is not listed in the A-Z list, check the box indicating “Employer not in the list”.

  • COMMON MISTAKE: For the field asking for “Job Title” we would like for you to put your job title and not the job title of your supervisor.

  • Once you click “Accept” at the bottom of the form, the form will be sent to us. We’ll contact you if we find any problems in the EIF



Without an EIF the college will be unable to verify your employment, and the course cannot begin. Students without EIFs will be dropped from the course. One requirement to take the course is that students will need to have a supervisor who can be directly contacted, and your supervisor cannot be a person you directly care for (NO In-Home Supportive Services).



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