STAFF Bacci, Laurie
Coordinator, Community Engagement | Adjunct Faculty
Work Experience




The Community Engagement Coordinator will assist and support you in your experiential learning and service to the community. You will not be placed in a volunteer position; however, the Coordinator will assist you in finding potential leads where your interest(s) lie. Specific, measurable work based learning goals will be developed. Earn CSU transferrable units while enjoying a rewarding volunteer experience by giving back to the community.



  • Obtain an Add Code for one of the CI courses
  • Learn what Community Engagement entails as a course
  • Determine if you’re eligible for a CI course
  • Assistance with finding a volunteer position within the community 
  • Review assignments and course content
  • Discuss your responsibilities as a volunteer
  • Offer support throughout your entire volunteer experience
  • Referrals to additional Career Hub and Student Services

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