Steps to Rehiring Student Employees

Rehires are for any of the following reasons: continuing into a new fiscal year, returning after a brief absence in the same calendar year, changing departments, adding a second department and more. If you are unsure about your specific situation, please email the Coordinator, Workforce Development. 

  1. Supervisor: Submits a Generate Rehire Request. Please be sure to use the correct year form.
  2. For all rehires other than continuing into the new fiscal year:
    • Career Hub & Human Resources: Verifies last date worked and work authorization documents are current. 
      • If yes, student is cleared to work immediately via email from Career Hub with EID
      • If no, student will be routed new hire documents to complete OR will be asked to supply current work authorization documents
      • Once updated records are complete, an email will be routed to student and supervisor with clearance and EID 
  3. If continuing into the new fiscal year: this form will be verified for eligibility. If an issue arises, the Career Hub will reach out to the department with a notification. If the student is eligible, no communication will be needed. No additional paperwork will be needed unless otherwise communicated from the Career Hub. 

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