Students cannot begin working until they have been fully cleared to do so. Student and supervisor will be notified via an emailed labelled, "Cleared to Begin & FERPA Training Link" when the process has been completed. 

This process for students can take up to two weeks (three or more for International Students) so please plan ahead. Please let all students know their hiring packet will be coming via email and for additional 1:1 help, we are available in the Career Hub to assist during our open office hours by drop-in or appointment. 



First to recruit a student employee you'll need to submit a request for your recruitment to be posted on the Handshake job board.

2022-2023 Handshake Recruitment Request

2023-2024 Handshake Recruitment Request




Recruitment This is the first and most important step for your on campus student recruitment. To recruit a student employee, you'll need to submit a request for your recruitment to be put on the Handshake job board. Please note: supervisors will not need to request access to Handshake. 
Recruitment posting Once received and reviewed, Career Hub Staff will import your job recruitment information into Handshake.
Recruitment posting dates Your on campus recruitment will be posted for the dates indicated on your recruitment posting request. If you'd like a preview link for recruitment purposes (to share with students or to view yourself). please contact 
Application Packets Once students start applying for on campus recruitment, the application packet will be emailed to the individual(s) as indicated on the request form application. Please note: Students who do not submit their approved eligibility application in the transcripts location may not be approved for on campus employment. If unsure, please reach out to 



Student Completes Eligibility Application Once student eligibility application has been submitted, the approval process can take up to 72 hours.
Student applies for job on Handshake Once students application is approved for on campus employment, they are eligible to apply for posted recruitments on the Handshake job board.
Application process Once the hiring supervisor receives applications, they will be reviewed, interviews will be held and offer(s) made to candidates. This timeline is dependent upon the hiring department.
New Hire Packet/ Rehire Authorization Hiring Supervisor completes the request to generate a New Hire Packet or a Rehire Authorization. This timeline is dependent upon the hiring department.
New Hire Paperwork Routing Workforce Development Coordinator routes new hire paperwork via Adobe Sign to Student and Department Staff. Timeline: Nonpeak - up to 72 hours; Peak - up to one week. 
Complete Hiring Packet Student and Hiring Staff complete the hiring packet. Timeline: dependent on student and hiring department.
Hiring Packet Approval Workforce Development Coordinator approves hiring packet and routes to HR and Payroll for completion. Timeline: Nonpeak - up to 72 hours; Peak - up to one week.
FERPA Training
A FERPA training link will be sent to the new hire and their supervisor. This email is how you know your new hire is cleared to begin. Please note this will only occur after HR has had sufficient time to enter the new hire into the system and create an employee identification number. Timeline is dependent on HRs workload.



Job Offer Hiring Supervisor makes job offer to student.
New Hire Packet Hiring Supervisor completes request to generate 2022-2023 New Hire Packet Form or Generate 2023-2024 New Hire Packet Form.
Hiring Packet Approval Complete Hiring Packet approval process routed via Adobe Sign.
Hiring Packet Completion Confirm completion of hiring packet with Career Hub Team.
IT Requests Request needs from IT utilizing the Request for Student Account & Resources via the Self-Help Hub (Note: Student employee Identification number must be created prior to request being submitted to IT and FERPA must be completed prior to requesting access to SIS, shared drives, and other confidential information. 



Rehire Authorization Supervisor completes request to Generate a 2022-2023 Rehire Authorization or a 2023-2024 Rehire Authorization (Note: a rehire is any student that has worked as an on campus student employee anytime during the last six months in any department. Former STNCs or PALs do not count as rehires. If unsure, please reach out to the Career Hub.
Rehire Authorization Approval Supervisor signs Rehire Authorization approval that has been routed via Adobe Sign.
Student Start Once the above has been completed your student worker can start work in your department.


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