New Hire Steps for Student Employees in order of completion.



Job Offer This will come directly from your hiring department and nearly always occurs after interviews are conducted. You are encouraged to reach out to the department directly if you have not heard back regarding an offer or denial. 
Appointment This is a requirement before you can begin your first day. During this appointment you will need to bring your i9 documents for verification. We encourage you to bring questions about the hiring packet with you and we have computers in the Career Hub where you can complete them if you'd rather do it with assistance. 
Digital Hiring Packet Will be routed to the contact information provided by your new hiring supervisor. Please note that you're not officially hired until you have been cleared by the Career Hub. 
FERPA Is required for employees that will be accessing any type of confidential information. This varies by department. 
1st Day May be 2-3 weeks after you're offered the position depending on how the previous steps go for you. International students may be 3-4 weeks. 


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