Hello Employers:

We are continuing to serve our students remotely through our current circumstances.

It is important that if you have a job posting right now on our job board, Jobspeaker, that you communicate if you are still in operation, as well as any additional information regarding the hiring ourlook for the position that you have posted. It is critical that any job that is posted to our job board is viable for students and alumni seeking work.

Additionally, if you have a posting on our site that is over 30 days and has been filled, please help by removing the job from our board or extending the posting date. We need the board to accurately reflect what opportunities are available in our county.

We recognize the Corona Virus has impacted our employers and community in many significant ways. We are here for you, if we can be any assistance as we move through this intense and unsettling time.

Thank you,

SRJC Job Developers


Job Developers: Ann Mansfield and Kim Kinahan

EMPLOYERS - Recruit and Hire SRJC Students & Alumni with Jobspeaker

Jobspeaker is a free online job posting platform where you can post employment opportunities as well as look for job candidates with the skill sets that best suit your business needs. Plus, using the Jobspeaker app enables easy interaction between you and our campus to ensure timely delivery, approval, and posting of your job openings.


Job speaker button How to Use Jobspeaker


1. Create a Jobspeaker Account & Set Up Your Company

  1. Go to santarosa.edu/jobspeaker and click on SIGN IN
  2. Next, under Need Account click on EMPLOYERS
  3. Enter your information to create your Jobspeaker account and sign up as an Employer!
  4. Once logged in to Jobspeaker, click on setup on the left toolbar.
  5. Add information about your company such as name, website, industry, company size, about the company and about you (the employer). 

Once your company is set up, you are ready to begin using Jobspeaker!

2. Post a Job or Internship

  1. Log in to Jobspeaker and click on the Dashboard link in the left menu
  2. Click Jobs
  3. Click POST JOB upper red upper right corner and begin adding information about your open position.
  4. Your job post will be reviewed within 3 business days and will be posted by SRJC Job Developers. "SRJC has the right to not approve"

3. Manage Your Job Posting

Use the information below to help you manage your job postings on Jobspeaker.

  • To edit or view your job posting, click on jobs in the left sidebar. Click on the title of the posting to view the listing and/or click edit in the far right to modify the job posting. 

4. Recruit Job Candidates

Employee Search is a great tool to find potential employeesClick on Employee Search from the left toolbar and use it to:

  • Search to view students by location to your company. 
  • View profiles of student candidates. Send them messages and/or save their profiles to message them later
  • Look up certain skills and students with profiles who match these skills

Have questions, comments and/or concerns about Jobspeaker?

Job Developers: Ann Mansfield and Kim Kinahan



While our physical location remains vacant and closed to the public, our staff is available to meet remotely! To optimize communications during this time was ask that you fill out an Appointment Intake Form, if you would like to set up an appointment. For all other communications, please email us. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Thank you!



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