Q:           How has your involvement in the Work Experience department here at the SRJC created new learning environments for you?

A:            The internship is just like the real work environment and I’m treated like the other employees.  I am involved in all activities, dress like them, and practice techniques with them.  My supervisor is my guide for tasks and will do an explanation through demonstration because my techniques are different from Egypt than they are here. 


Q:           What have you found the most rewarding part of being an Intern through the Work Experience Department?

A:            I get appreciation from the team and positive feedback about my performance.  I am improving technical skills through practice and coaching.


Q:           What have you found the most challenging part of being an Intern through the Work Experience Department?

A:            I am working with unknown products often.  We do not have the same equipment in Egypt and I have often never seen them before or they are set-up completely different.  Names of products are different here. 


Q:           How has Lauralyn assisted you in getting the most out of your Work Experience participation?

A:            Lauralyn made the initial call to my job site to explain the program to their HR department.  I met with her before my interview to prepare.  She is constantly checking in on our learning objectives and reminds us about upcoming seminars and other classes we might want to attend.  During her site visits she talks to my manager about work evaluations.  She shared Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember.  Involve me and I learn.”


Q:           What would you like to tell students who are considering enrolling into the Work Experience department as an intern?

A:            Do not just think about the hours you need to complete.  Use it as practice for skills improvement.   It is a mini work environment where you start to preparation for a real career.  Make mistakes and learn from them.  You will learn more as an intern than an actual job because the focus is always on learning.  Learn the entire system and build your career from there.  Ask about other positions salaries and job descriptions. 

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